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At PDS, we continuously invest in and are in close co-operation with our partners/suppliers to develop solutions to meet your changing requirements. We also work closely with suppliers on new product innovations and developments. This has resulted in products that suit Asians' physiological profile with considerations on fitting, comfort, liking and condition of tropical climate conditions. Further to that, we maintain regular consultations with safety and health occupational health professionals in hazard identification and solution recommendations. This communication channel gives us the opportunity to contribute to the safety standards of Singapore and the region, which in turn, rental benefits our customers. At PDS, we believe in providing dedicated services to all our valued customers. Our first responsibility in PDS is to the users, workers, technicians, safety officers, engineers and all other companies, organisations or institutions who use our products and services to protect them, their products or the environment.

Blackline Safety Solutions and Rental are available.
From as low as S$1000…