Inspection fall protection equip

Inspection, Repair & Maintenance of Fall Protection Equipment

Customised Services & Solutions

All PPE shall be inspected before any use. Regular inspection by a competent person should be performed at least once every 12 months as per manufacturer’s instructions. For use in extreme environments (e.g., near hot works), more frequent inspections are required. With our fully equipped service centre and trained service personnel, we ensure that your WAH PPE undergo manufacturer compliant inspection and servicing by a competent and certified personnel. We also offer maintenance contracts for your WAH PPE, vertical and horizontal engineered lifelines for your peace of mind. We ensure all WAH personal protective equipment are functioning in good working condition by examining each component in detail and identifying any visible signs of cracks, scratches, dirt, abrasion, deterioration, and/or chemical damage.

  • Fall protection PPE equipment (e.g. harness, lanyards, energy absorbers connectors, etc.)
  • Vertical & horizontal fixed system
  • Fixed anchorage system
  • Edge protection
  • Safety catch net