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Our Service

At PDS, we continuously invest in and are in close co-operation with our partners/suppliers to develop solutions to meet your changing requirements. We also work closely with suppliers on new product innovations and developments. This has resulted in products that suit Asians' physiological profile with considerations on fitting, comfort, liking and condition of tropical climate conditions. Further to that, we maintain regular consultations with safety and health occupational health professionals in hazard identification and solution recommendations. This communication channel gives us the opportunity to contribute to the safety standards of Singapore and the region, which in turn, benefits our customers.

At PDS, we believe in providing dedicated services to all our valued customers. Our first responsibility in PDS is to the users, workers, technicians, safety officers, engineers and all other companies, organisations or institutions who use our products and services to protect them, their products or the environment.

Our range of services includes the following:

CUSTOMER SERVICE (65) 6776 6200

Prompt Response
We have a team of dedicated, knowledgeable and helpful sales and customer service officers who are ever ready to provide information and recommendations on our products and services. Our friendly Sales and Customer Service Team makes sure you have the answers on:

  • Product Information
  • Recommendations
  • Quotations
  • Product Availabilty
  • Ordering
  • Delivery Options
  • Shipping alternatives
  • Additional information

They will provide you with comprehensive information for easy decision. We value your call and we make it easy for you to buy from us.

TECHNICAL SERVICE (65) 6776 6200

Technical Support and Training
Our team of technically trained personnel is capable of delivering comprehensive technical support, trainings and information on the proper usuage, fitting, limitations, and maintenance of our selected protective devices. This can be executed at both the resellers and end-users level. Our technical services comprise:

  1. Training
    PDS provides training for most PPE as well as gas detectors, self contained breathing apparatus, spill control containment fall knowledge to stay ahead of new product development. We aim to give our customers the best services.
  2. Fit-testing
    We conduct fit-testings training for both self contained breathing apparatus and respiratory products that we represent. You can be assured that our well trained staff can help you with any queries on the proper donning and fit-tesing procedures.
  3. Safety Prescription Eyewear (SRX) Programme
    PDS has its own laboratory, a SRX programme which includes on-site screening, sight testing as well as fitting and dispensing of safety prescription eyewear solutions via a network of authorized opticians.
  4. Service and Maintenance
    We provide our customers with one stop solution in servicing, inspections and repair of equipment. Our technicians are trained and certified directly by our manufacturers. With our fully equipped service centre and trained service personnel, we assure our customers of service reliability and enhanced technical support.

    Our service center is capable of handling:

    - Self Contained Breathing Apparatus -- DPI and others.
    - Power Air Purifying Respirator -- SCOTTs.
    - Gas Detectors and IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) -- Honeywell Analytics, Ion Science (PID) and Graywolf.
    - Chemical Suits (Hazmat) -- Respirex suits.
    - Fall protection -- WORKSafe®, North and Miller.

  5. Rental/Leasing
    PDS provides rental services for the following products:
    - Gas Detection -- Single gas : Impluse XT ( H2S).
                                 -- Multi gas     : Impact Pro (O2, LEL, CO, H2S).
    - Breathing Apparatus -- DPI (Open Circuit SCBA).
    - Airline Systems -- DPI ( configure with trolley unit for extended time).

To find out more about our rental, fit-testing, training and other technical services, please contact us at (65) 6776 6200. Our technical support team would be more than happy to serve you.


Prompt Delivery
Our regional offices and distribution network are structured to meet your safety needs in other parts of Asia. With our integrated logistics system and warehousing facilites, we assure our customers of reliable and dependable supplies, and delivery service. We provide next day delivery service for local orders (ex-stock items).


100% Satisfication
We guarantee our product quality. If you find any manufacturing defects on our products, we will replace them free of charge, no questions asked! Order now and we guarantee 100% satisfaction.


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