PDS Identity

Protective Device Specialists - PDS. Simple and well-recognised, PDS is also commonly known as “People Dedicated to Safety”.


The new and bold typeface evokes rich knowledge and experiences that constitute the strong foundation of PDS today.

The letters lean gently towards the right, indicating a continuous strive to succeed. A strong grey tone conveys values of strength, trustworthiness and reliability, and demonstrates the strong bonds PDS has forged with its stakeholders.

The three wings at the upper right of our logo represent the fundamental three corporate philosophies which have kept PDS International soaring above the skies:
1. All stakeholders; our valued Customers, our Suppliers and our People and Shareholders.
2. Three principles of excellence; Product Quality and Service, Value Pricing and Delivery Services.
3. Our corporate Vision, Mission and Objectives.

The wings, forever flying upward and forward, symbolize our continuous progress. They are symmetrical, indicating productive synergy. And the gentle arc of the tops of the wings, in a three-dimensional effect, portray dynamism through their depth, movement and strength.

The smallest wing, above the other two, represents our human capital - youthful and daring, with a tenacious drive to achieve. The largest of the wings, represents strength, quality, professionalism, vibrancy and the values of the company. The wing beside the largest one, symbolizes harmonious partnerships PDS has with its stakeholders and most importantly, our valued customers.

The red wings evoke a sense of passion, determination and prosperity.

A new logo - a new identity for a well-established company, dedicated to PEOPLE, PRODUCTS, and ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION - based on the sound philosophies of three wings, representing all stakeholders and principals, in accomplishing its vision, mission and objectives.